Geocaching Treasure Hunt

Students at ALC Mosaic enjoyed a geocaching treasure hunt. They first had to find seven hidden keys in different school rooms. The hint for finding the keys was: “Key is the Key.” One key was hidden by the piano keys, another hidden in plain sight next to the office keys, one key hidden under a sign saying ‘Notes’ on the wall of the big room referring to ‘Key Notes.’ Two keys were hidden under computer keyboards in separate rooms. See how Key is the Key?

Once they found all the keys, the back of each key had a letter. Only five letters of the seven letters spelled the correct word needed to unlock the Isaac Newton replica cryptex just like the one shown in the Divinci Code movie. The letters were D, P, L, A, S, P, E. In no time, they figured out that the word should be APPLE. However, they did not realize the word had to be put into the cryptex backwards. Alona let the other students know to try the word backwards.

Andrew opened the cryptex and it had a piece of paper with clues on the front and back. On the front, it said KPRA that they figured out to mean PARK. On the back, two riddles or questions were asked. The first question was: “What has eight legs?” and the second question was: “What goes up and must come down?” They all went to the park and searched everywhere for the geocache treasure but could not find it. I sat them all in front of the swing-set that had eight legs and repeated the questions slowly. I pointed to the swings and they all ran over to the swing-set and began digging in the mulch around the posts. Liberty found a little clear plastic box with a note that said: “Congratulations, you found the treasure. See Dan for your gold.” I gave each of the students a gold dollar.

Check out the key.pdf file from the gallery below that contains a saying I made from seven keys. This gave me the idea for the key hunt and geocaching treasure hunt.


Games of Skill

Here are a couple games of skill for everyone to try:

1. Rubik’s Cube.

Use either the mouse or touch pad cursor to move the cube and sides, or the keys: B, D, E, L, M, R, S, U, X, Y, Z and/or Shift plus each key.

Mix up the cube by typing RZ eight times, then RRZ, and finally RZ. If you get stuck solving the cube, or simply frustrated and tired, refresh the cube to its starting position by holding down the FN (function) key and F5 key at the same time.

2. Knight’s Tour.

Hello future scientists.

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